The debates about the effectiveness and even the right of existence of Homeopathy began with the introduction of the name of Homeopathy by Samuel Hahnemann at the end of 1807. Although the source for this innovation German scientist got from the works of Hippocrate, homeopaths say that 400 BC. is an approximate date of the birth of their science. Why are doctors, scientists and even politicians can not come to a single opinion about the application of Homeopathy till now?

What is the essence of homeopathy?

The essence of Homeopathy can be reduced to two main principles:

  • A similar is treated similarly or the Law of Similarity. Those medicinal substances which are cause symptoms similar to the disease, will help it and win. If now you have thought about vaccinations you are almost right.
  • The principle of dilution. The active medication is diluted with neutral (water, alcohol or sugar) in very small proportions. Very, very small, even scanty, which may seem pointless.

These two principles, as you understand, cause most disputes and skeptical opinions.

Most likely you have heard about such definitions of Homeopathy as non-traditional medicine, pseudoscience or placebo effect,which is often associated with it. However, changes in the attitude towards homeopathy in different countries of the world at the legislative level were sometimes quite dramatic, the final point in them is not put up to now, which suggests that the study of homeopathy and its application on the level with traditional medicine has considerable potential.

Types of Homeopathy

In Homeopathy everything is also not as straightforward as we would like. For example, there are two main types: classical and clinical Homeopathy.

  • The first form is without hesitation based on the Law of Similarity and the Principle of dilution and dilution.
  • The second kind combines the principles of the medicine we are familiar with – diagnostics, analyzes and it allows simultaneous application of homeopathic and traditional medicines.

Homeopathy treatment

Now you understand that the responses about the treatment with Homeopathy will be extremely diverse and contradictory. Nevertheless, the production of homeopathic preparations is accompanied by the same serious standards and quality control as traditional pharmaceuticals. And such means as arnica, thuja, vomica, nuks, pulsatilla, gel, lycopodium, bryonia, sulphur, ignition, arsenicum, carbonicum, sepia, album have become widely popular among the adherents of homeopathy, and among those who consider it complimentary medicine. Of course, it is important to follow the indications for use and follow the instructions.

Someone confuses a wide range of applications of these drugs, someone does not trust small doses of “active substance” and actual safety in comparison with antibiotics, for example. But someone really got help from homeopathy. The evidence is provided by numerous studies, observations and scientific experiments, as well as real cases from the lives of relatives and friends. I personally liked the explanation of me friend who only Homeopathy helps to cope with an allergy:

“Solutions that impregnate my homeopathic sugar peas «remember” the useful properties of natural plants and natural elements, even in spite of their small percentage of concentration, and the body reads this information, the recovery occurs at a deeper level.”

I think that amount of the people who think about the influence of chemical drugs, even very effective ones, on the general state of the body, grows. Their attention and interest in homeopathy, especially when choosing treatment for children is natural and logical. Often the principle of individual approach to the patient, genuine attention and participation from the homeopathic physician also become a decisive factor in the choice of the method of prevention and recovery.

Effectiveness of Homeopathy

countries whose religion, philosophy and lifestyle is very different from what is customary to us, the attitude towards homeopathy is more loyal. Faith in the power of thought and intention in India, for example, is similar to the essence of the placebo effect, which is often associated with the “inexplicable” effectiveness of homeopathy. Here people from ancient times practiced the use of natural sources of health, energy and strength.

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How to buy homeopathic remedies?

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From myself I will add that it is not necessary to give up 100% of traditional medicine while taking homeopathic remedies.

Be healthy!😉

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