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Goodcare Pharama Brahmi Capsules

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It improves memory. It activates the thought process

Manufacturer: Baidyanath Ayurved (Baydyanath Ayurveda)
net weight (net product): 60 capsules
gross weight (to calculate shipping): 100gr



Brahmi or Bacopa monnieri for centuries used in Ayurveda to support mental health, strengthen the nervous system, the development of intelligence, consciousness and elation. Brahmi has a cooling effect, it calms Kapha and Vata dosha, rejuvenates and promotes the restoration of all body tissues.

Brahmi is a unique tonic for the nervous system, favorably influences the brain activity, increases the effectiveness of learning, academic performance and stress resistance to mental stress. The plant removes anxiety, excessive mental strain, calms nervous disorders, allows you to control the emotional background and mood swings.

Brahmi is a natural neuroprotective agent, improves memory, concentration and attention, assimilation of information, giving the person a lot of thinking and improving efficiency. It also helps with increased restlessness and hyperactivity in children, improves sleep and eliminates the feeling of mental discomfort. Additionally, Bacopa stimulates the development of speech and improves the sound of voices, helps with diseases of the respiratory system.

To pass the course gotu kola is particularly recommended for students during the session, during periods of excessive pressure on the human psyche, mental and emotional stress, as well as to improve concentration during spiritual practices and meditation. People after 50 years recommended the drug prophylactic course to maintain the nervous system, enhance memory and eliminate distractions.

The main properties of Brahmi

  • Natural anxiolytic. Brahmi relieves irritation and excitement, it is useful for the treatment and prevention of psychoses, of nervousness, epilepsy, anxiety and restlessness.
  • It improves memory. Brahmi has a significant positive effect on digestibility and preservation of new information, develops memory and improves academic ability.
  • It activates the thought process. Brahmi significantly increases the speed of processing visual information, the level of learning ianaliticheskie abilities, enhances memory, improves concentration and attention.


  • Memory impairment, forgetfulness, confusion, loss of concentration;
  • Mental fatigue, high mental stress, nervous disorders, anxiety and anxiety;
  • Increased emotionality, frequent mood swings, anxiety, suspiciousness, hyperactivity;
  • Low digestibility information, exposure to mental stress, loss of care;
  • hyperactivity syndrome in children, problems of language development in early childhood;
  • Senile dementia, mental illness;
  • Respiratory diseases, asthma, bronchitis.

Brahmi capsules – 100% herbal medicine and has no side effects. The drug is safe for regular intake for 3-4 months. A safe dose reception during breastfeeding and for children older than 1 year is half a standard dosage. The maximum recommended length of the drug during pregnancy is 2-4 weeks. We strongly recommend that you obtain further advice from a physician in the case of a longer period of admission, as well as during pregnancy, breastfeeding and in the appointment of the drug for children under 3 years.

Please consult with your doctor before starting a course of the drug, if you have installed the diagnosis of bradycardia.

2 capsules twice a day or as recommended by the treating physician. A safe dose reception during breastfeeding and for children older than 1 year is half a standard dosage

Additional information

Weight 100 g

Baidyanath Ayurved


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