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With our service goabay.com you can order and buy any product from India with delivery all over the world.

Here you will find, and with our help will be able to buy, a lot of Indian goods on prices of supermarkets in India

MRP- maximum retail price

What does it mean?

Products in India are very cheap. Imagine that now with the help of our service you can get a huge number of authentic Indian clothing, shoes, stylish and one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories, bags, hammocks, tea, spices, bedding, blankets, products for the home and life, means skin care and health, Souvenirs, in general presents- millions and millions of products from India without leaving the house at the lowest price

Comfort and convenience are one of the mottos of our company!

Long time ago our service was created as a platform for our wholesale customers all over the world, but we are seeing interest in the goods from India by post and those who had ever been in this magical country and for life was inspired by this variety of colors and a riot of smells, who plunged into this previously unexplored world of exotic India, so now the services of our service for the delivery of goods from India by post available to anyone wordlwide.

товары из Индии
товары из Индии

Indian goods by post

Years of experience in the formation and sending parcels. In any direction , taking into account the specifics of customs and other requirements of India and the countries of the Recipient.

Fast shipping after matching range. We ship goods to all countries of the world

We ship to all countries of the world. You can always ask for the exact cost of delivery to a specific location by asking a question to one of the operators at any of the available contacts.

Any product at Indian prices

Unlimited assortment of goods- everything that is allowed for mail delivery , according to the laws of India and the countries of the Recipient.

Any items you get on MRP- maximum retail price, which significantly ( several times ) less the purchase of goods from India in specialized stores on the territory of the Europe, Russia, USA, United Kingdom etc countries , as well as any other countries without exception.

We offer our customers a wide selection of payment methods.

All goods and services in India are priced in Indian Rupees. The amount payable can be automatically converted into any currency as agreed with the Buyer

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