Skirts and Dresses from India

 Long Skirt

A long skirt is an indispensable attribute of the clothes of girls in different regions of India. They call it “Lehenga”. You can buy as a classic version with interesting finishes, ornaments in the form of small mirrors (distributed in Rajasthan) or adapted models of modern Indian designers. In combination with tight tops or loose blouses they look very feminine.

Mini Skirts

Mini skirts in India are a choice of bold inhabitants of megacities. But the light industry of the country delivers in large volume to the world market models of European cut: short and length midi, denim and lace skirts.


As for the dresses, among the local women it is rather an exotic option and not an alternative to the traditional sari. Although the choice of cotton and knitwear models in shops and markets is quite diverse and in the tourist states Indian beauties flaunt in very bold outfits.

Evening Dresses

Particular attention should be given to evening dresses. National motifs in the form of complex draperies and love of luxury and brilliance in the decor are also discernible here. Manufacturers do not forget about the owners of magnificent shapes and create fashionable models of large sizes. Admirers of natural fabrics, hand embroidery and juicy colors with pleasure order summer dresses of Indian manufacture in online stores.