Delivery goods from India abroad- updates.

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Information current as of September 2020

Over the past six months, Indian export company has kept its finger on the pulse of international air travel restrictions and, as a result, has been closely monitoring any news, updates, publications and legislative initiatives of the Government of India related to international shipping and delivery goods from India.

Since 2012, our company has been exporting goods for various purposes from India to all countries of the world. Thousands and thousands of satisfied customers in more than 65 countries around the world, with our help, have discovered an easy and budget way to purchase unique Indian goods without leaving your home.

It has become profitable, convenient and easy to buy clothes, bijouterie, household items, souvenirs, incense, electronics, products of heavy and light industry, beauty and health products in India with the GoaBay team.

The pandemic has made its own adjustments in many areas of people’s lives. The changes also affected international transportation.

Together with you, we have been expecting long-awaited changes all six months since the suspension of the work of postal and courier services.

What do we have today with the delivery of goods from India?

With undisguised joy and admiration, we inform you that as of the current date, dispatch of orders to the following countries has been resumed (in alphabetical order):

  1. Australia (Australia)
  2. Austria (Austria)
  3. Belgium (Belgium)
  4. Brazil (Brazil)
  5. United Kingdom (UK)
  6. Hungary
  7. Vietnam (Vietnam)
  8. Germany (Germany)
  9. Hong Kong
  10. Denmark
  11. Israel (Israel)
  12. Italy
  13. Canada
  14. China
  15. Mexico (Mexico)
  16. Netherlands
  17. New Zealand
  18. Norway
  19. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  20. Poland (Poland)
  21. Singapore
  22. USA
  23. Thailand
  24. Ukraine
  25. Finland
  26. France
  27. Switzerland
  28. Sweden
  29. South Korea
  30. Japan

Parcels weighing from 2 kg are available for sending and more at the rates of EMS Speed ​​Post.

We hope that this is only the first positive step towards opening the borders and restoring the full operation of our service for sending goods from India.

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  1. sasha.kulikov

    здрасте всем!!!!!!!!!!

    1. megadmin

      привет- привет

  2. Mia18

    Заказ 64129. Вы подтвердили получение денег 12 августа. Напишите, когда будет отправлена моя посылка Ольга .

    1. megadmin

      ваша посылка успешно доставлена получателю.

      мы рады видеть вас в числе наших клиентов!

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