Exotic Indian food

Visit exotic India, you can enjoy a variety of local specialties, has a subtle aroma of spices. Anyone will flow salivating at the sight of such traditional dishes like tondak (fried in coconut oil, fish) served with rice and curry.

 In the northern regions of the country are common dishes of meat: lamb curry, gushtaba (acute meatballs in sauce), tandoori, kebab. Lovers of spicy food will appeal to holiday in the south of India. There are not uncommon sharp vegetable dishes: curry vegetables, dosa, Raita, idli. On the west coast you will find a huge selection of dishes from fish and seafood, as well as dessert with bananas and dates.

In any region of India is worth a try dhay – tasty, refreshing in the heat of the dish. Sweet tooth will be delighted by the Indian dairy puddings, biscuits and pancakes. They will love rasgulla (cheese balls with rose water), the Indian ice cream (kulfi) refresh them in the midday heat, and served for breakfast dzhalebi (pancakes in syrup) will raise the mood for the whole day.

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