How to have fun in Goa?

If you decide to spend your free time not on the couch, or more radically – not even on the territory of the country, pay attention to the smallest state in India – Goa. Despite the fact that this is one of the smallest in area region and the infrastructure here is not as well developed as in other parts of the country, tourists are most.

Especially if we are talking about immigrants from the CIS countries. The reason is as follows – there is something to see, the cost of the services is much lower, a lot of nice sandy beaches. In short, there is everything you need for a good holiday. It should be noted and the next – despite the fact that the state is small, to discover something new and interesting, you can with almost each visit. And help you find the route that will be most interesting to you, are HERE.

What to see?

So, what to look out for in the first place? You can simply select a pre-tour and to entrust your vacation an experienced tour guide. If you want to spend your holidays themselves, then pay attention to these attractions:

  •     Arvalem Falls;
  •     Bundle reserve;
  •     Dudhsagar Falls;
  •     Aguada fort;
  •     Plantation spices;
  •     Juice Centre in Chapora;
  •     Cathedral of Saint Catherine.

If your visit to Goa is not just a vacation, but let’s say, the marriage, then the program should always include the waterfalls. Incidentally, this is taken into account in the proposed wedding tours.

In general, most of the excursions and just walking passages, without attendants, reduced to historical sites, architectural monuments and just beautiful places of nature. But, there are some interesting things for those who love shopping. In Goa there is a large night market Arpora and day (on Wednesdays) in Anjuna. In addition to souvenirs you can buy here are rare spices. In addition, local musical groups always appear on the market. However, as prices here are quite high. True, the auction has not been canceled.Kerkar has a gallery for contemporary art lovers. Here regularly hosts exhibitions of contemporary artists, sculptors sometimes.

The southern part of Goa is more than ideal for those who love nature. Beaches, waterfalls, even thickets of exotic plants – it’s all here. In addition, in this part of the state to be Kotigao Reserve. To view everything in the neighborhood do not necessarily get on foot, this is an observation tower.


It is logical to assume that in order to see everything and more, walking time may not be enough, and it’s tiring. Therefore, no harm will know in advance about how to move around Goa. Public transport here is represented as follows:

  •  Taxi – there is our usual seating and counters. On the payment must be negotiated immediately, otherwise the total amount of money you can put it mildly, surprised;
  •     Rickshaw – a wonderful mini-trucks yellow, worth a ride to experience the flavor of India. As a rule, cheaper than a taxi;
  •     Moto rickshaw – something like a taxi, but on a scooter. There is also an analogue of this method of transportation – just as well, but on the bike;
  •     car or bike rental. This method can not be called too expensive, but it is more convenient, safe.

The legal side

It goes without saying that without special documents you will not let out and not miss. Therefore, in order not to spoil your holiday or a long stay in India such a trifle in advance take care of visas, foreign passports. This can also help the travel agency. For more information, please click here or contact the consultants (terminals for connection with round the clock support of tourists line). We will give you the best conditions for a holiday in Goa and beyond. For those who decided to stay in India for a long time, we also help in the design of long-term visa to India for 1 year or six months, without any “special” documents from your side as soon as possible. We work onflayn and online. Personal presence is not required, which allows us to organize trips, and to draw up documents for travelers residing anywhere in Russia and CIS countries. People turn to us: tourists, pilgrims, freelancers, daunshiftery, family people, businessmen from all over Russia. You can rely on our many years of experience in the visa (tourist, long-term business visas, visas for children) and travel in India memorable. Leafed through and leave your comments about us you can by clicking on the following links: reviews of tours with us online and VKontakte, reviews visas.

Enjoy fees, early departure flight and soft! We will make your trip to India accessible and interesting. We meet in Russia and India, your guide – Narada.

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