Incense fragrances for what what

Incense fragrances are a great tool to enhance the quality of a person’s well-being. Even in ancient times, people have noticed that certain smells have a beneficial effect on the internal state of the body, getting rid of negative thoughts and bad moods.


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How incense fragrances affect people

Originally, incense was used for religious rituals, then it was used in meditation and to treat certain illnesses. Nowadays, customers look to aromatherapy for soothing, balance and their inner self.

Incense comes in many different shapes, many craftsmen still make them by hand, so the variety of scent figures is astounding. Every fragrance has its own energy, so let’s work out what we can get from choosing one incense or another.

Floral fragrances

Ароматы благовоний, incense fragrances

Floral fragrances are sweet incenses that not only have medicinal properties, but also fill the house with the scent of a blooming garden and are associated with spring, the rebirth of all life.

  • Lavender incense will get rid of negative energy, and scented sticks are also useful to light when fighting infectious diseases.
  • Rose incense is a cure for ‘resentment’, a fragrance that allows you to find a middle ground with the world, and it’s also an excellent remedy for sclerosis.
  • Hem jasmine incense allows you to concentrate on yourself, your thoughts, light the fragrance sticks during meditation. The main property of this fragrance is cleansing.
  • Clove incense helps to get rid of nervousness, black envy and anger. And aromatic clove incense acts to increase one’s attractiveness and sexual desire.

Wood incense

Ароматы благовоний, incense fragrances

Wood incense – aromatherapy with these fragrant sticks invigorates, tones, sharpen sensitivity and mental acuity, and helps you realise values and set priorities.

  • Peppermint – a natural spring of endless energy and strength, this incense will improve relationships with those around you.
  • Eucalyptus – stimulates the mind, strengthens memory and improves mood.
  • Incense of green tea – these fragrant sticks allow you to feel light and clear mind. Cleanses the body of energy blocks.
  • Bergamot – gives success to any good cause, gives you vitality and peace, allows you to relax.
  • Vanilla – fills you with joy, lightness, gives sharpness of mind, quickly restores your strength.
  • Opium – a super hit incense with a subtle, cold and slightly bitter aroma. It is a natural anti-depressant, so improves one’s psychological state, pacifies, prevents jealousy and bad thoughts.
  • Incense of tulasi (basil) harmonizes the functions of the body and helps to overcome stress, and as a consequence, increases life expectancy.
  • NEM pine incense – can cleanse a room of negativity and hostile influences.

Spice flavours

Ароматы благовоний, incense fragrances

Spices – incense fragrances are the hallmark of all oriental countries. They serve to awaken “appetite” and sensuality. We recommend you try incense from Sadhguru himself, the brand ISHA LIFE is well established all over the world!

  • Sandalwood incense is often used for meditation, the fragrance can eliminate fears, apathy.
  • Rosemary is a serious remedy for nervous and mental disorders, but also has a rejuvenating effect.
  • Cinnamon is an incense that will lift your spirits and cheer you up. Excellent fragrance for cold evenings, and can fill the body with the warmth of a hot summer day.
  • Incense of patchouli sticks with this mysterious fragrance, enhances sensuality, and is excellent against viruses.
  • Ginger – the fragrance invigorates and boosts vitality.
  • Sage incense – cleanses the mind from negative thoughts and emotions
  • Coffee incense – tonic and invigorating aroma, helps concentration and focus.

Fruity incense fragrances

Ароматы благовоний, incense fragrances
  • Orange incense – the fragrance will take away anxiety and irritability.
  • Apple – this incense will restore vitality and help you cope with stress.
  • Grapefruit is the fragrance of choice for those who need a boost of energy and optimism.
  • Coconut, the fragrance for a pleasant meal, not only increases appetite, but also normalizes the metabolic processes in the body.
  • Lemon – light an incense to boost positive emotions and mental faculties.
  • Bergamot incense – this fragrance allows you to overcome difficulties and helps you to realise your creative ideas.

Aromatic resins

Ароматы благовоний, incense fragrances

Incense – aromatic resins are one of the oldest incenses in the history of mankind.

  • Frankincense – the properties of this fragrance are varied, it awakens interest in life and gets rid of negative energy. The fragrance is bitter but also very pleasant.
  • Myrrh – need to restore balance and energy? Burn myrrh incense.
  • Lebanese cedar is used to provide protection, purification, to speed up healing and to attract money.

Rama Krishna incense fragrances

Scientists have long proved that scents are very closely linked to our memories. Remember which scents make you feel good and light incense sticks or an aroma lamp with your favourite scents. This will not only clear your mind, give you strength, but also put you in a better mood to do even the toughest work. Incense from Rama Krishna is a win-win option for lovers of delicious fragrances.

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