Makeup in Indian style

Probably every girl as a child wanted to be a princess of East: to be the most beautiful and wear the finest clothes. And today, when we grew up, we can fulfill our dreams – and try to turn into an Indian princess.


For the image of the Indian beauties need to make the appropriate makeup. Make-up in the Indian style – it’s always more emphasis on the face, bright colors and shades of lipstick and expressive eyes. But first things first.

Why do we make Indian makeup?

Before the creation of the Indian makeup should think, what we do? This make-up because of its brightness and eccentricity is hardly suitable for everyday life. The Indian make-up is suitable for the most unusual event: a party in the eastern style, any celebrations, photo shoots.

Face Makeup

Since creating the Indian way, take care of your skin. Indian on the nature of dark-skinned, and women living in northern latitudes have to resort to a variety of cosmetics to get a golden skin tone. To make the skin tone is not necessary to choose a dark, very dark tone cream or pour bronzer. You can use your usual cream and bronzer powder. So your complexion will look more natural. And if you can, then go to the solarium, where your skin will acquire the desired hue.


In the East women have always paid special attention to the eye make-up – it’s their main weapon. Especially in the eastern strict morals, when the street can not appear in a short skirt or a neckline. Indian makeup eye shadows are commonly used warm colors. They pick the color similar to the color of Indian spices. Thus, in the eye make-up appears orange, brown, red, beige, dark green, terracotta, peach color. Shadows are usually cream-colored, with a rich texture, often pearl. From this palette, choose a shade that’s right for you.

Eyelids and eyebrows

  • Once the shadows are applied, we take a black pencil and draw out from within the upper and lower eyelids. Black eyeliner draw an arrow, which should draw the eye. Further impose lashes mascara that adds volume.
  • It is also very important in the Indian eyebrow makeup – they must be clearly defined. For this pencil (to match the eyebrows) touches do – fill in the eyebrows, making them brighter and clearer.


The Indian make-up emphasis is also placed on the lips. To start their lead round a pencil, which should be a bit darker than the lipstick. Then the lips painted in bright colors: burgundy, red, coral.

Red dot

And the last element of the Indian makeup – red flyspeck above the eyebrows – bindi. In India, it symbolizes the sixth chakra or third eye. Bindi effectively complete your Indian way.

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