Kidney disease

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Unfortunately, doctors have noted an increase in the number of patients suffering from these or other kidney diseases in recent years. However, many people do not realize their illness for a long time, until a sharp pain does not indicate the problem. The trend is typical for the whole world – every tenth inhabitant of the planet has already encountered the term Urology in practice.


Urology is a medical science that studies diseases and disorders of the urinary system in men and women bodies. The main directions are diseases of the kidneys, bladder, ureters, urethra, adrenal glands, as well as the reproductive organs. Often due to the close relationship with other body systems, problems in the cardiovascular sphere, nervous system, etc. can be exacerbated.


  1. Treatment of urological diseases in India.
  2. Ayurveda for kidney health
  3. Kidney cleansing
  4. Treatment Tips:
  5. Strengthening the kidneys

Treatment of urological diseases in India.

India is no exception to the sad statistics. A large number of the population, problems with access to drinking water in some regions, a sedentary lifestyle among young people – all this does not contribute to the health of the nation, and the urological departments in public hospitals and private clinics are always filled with patients. But at the same time, India is among the top five world leaders in medical tourism. We already wrote about this in one of the articles. Nephrology is also in demand with surgery, oncology treatment and dental prosthetics – it deals with kidney diseases and their consequences. Over the long history of this field in Indian medicine, a lot of knowledge has been accumulated, and Indian specialists are highly valued throughout the world.

Prices for medical Kidney disease

At the same time, the prices for medical events ranging from research analyzes to conducting complex operations are much lower in comparison with Europe and the USA. This will concern not only shining with cleanliness and coolness network of private clinics, but also the average large public hospitals. Of course, when the time factor begins to figure in solving a problem, it is better to contact one of the branches of a network of licensed medical institutions in such Mecca of Indian medicine as Bangalore, Kochi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai. There will be no problems with the queue for the use of equipment for dialysis, reverse osmosis, and in the operating rooms installed high-tech equipment. This allows for minimal surgery as well as kidney transplantation. Trained staff consider the associated risks and provide everything to maintain normal pressure and blood sugar levels.

Procedures that are most in demand in Indian clinics:

  • DIALYSIS – the process of removing waste and excess water from the blood when this function is lost by the kidneys. Hemodialysis is available (with the help of an external device) and peritoneal dialysis (a special “washing” solution is used)
  • TREATMENT OF PROSTATE CANCER AND URINARY BUBBLE (using chemo and radio therapy)

The professionalism of doctors has great importance for the effective treatment of diseases in the urological field. And here India has something to be proud of. One of the leading specialists is Dr. Sanjay Pandya, working in the Raykom (Gujarat). For nearly 20 years of medical practice, Dr. Pandya has been actively involved in educational activities on the topic of kidney disease. He became the author of books in English, Hindi, Gujarati, which have already been translated into 20 foreign languages. Another merit in this area is the “Kidney Education Foundation”, which provides information on the prevention and treatment of kidney diseases. Also, Dr. Pandya and his team opened the site

In the absence of the opportunity to go for treatment in India help from this country can be obtained remotely in the form of medicines. Let’s not forget that the largest pharmaceutical companies and headquarters of the world drug brands are located here. Consult with your doctor and ask about Indian counterparts prescribed medication to you. You can order it using our website

Ayurveda for Kidney disease

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The popularity of the ancient Indian science of healthy and happy life is growing not only outside, but also in India itself. So the local government plans to provide all the medical centres of the country by 2021 to fight the main diseases with the necessary Ayurvedic medicines. This decision is based on impressive results in the field of prevention, treatment and recovery using non-traditional methods.

Ayurveda is on par with generally accepted factors contributing to the occurrence of kidney diseases such as:

  • Water imbalance in the body (drink a little or too much water)
  • Alcohol, diuretics, antibiotics
  • Too frequent sex
  • Putting off toilet trips
  • High calcium and oxalic acid in the diet

has an opinion on this question. Kidney function is impaired due to long journeys, tedious thinking, anxiety. Fear is especially characteristic of the people of Vata-Dosha, which means they should pay more attention to the condition of the kidneys. Ayurveda does not deny the factor of age: old people and traumatized young children are at risk.

Ancient science calls to look into the more subtle aspect of the occurrence of complications. The kidneys are a very important organ regulating the work of the excretory system. Getting rid of recycled, unwanted substances is as important as excessive emotions and anxiety. You can read more about this in the books of supporters of the psychosomatic approach to diseases. In addition, the kidneys fall into the category of paired organs, and therefore it is worth “probing” the sphere of relationships with people: a family partner, a romantic relationship. Here fear can be associated with losing relationships, open your heart to other people. Very painful in the literal and figurative sense is the idealization of others or the comparison of oneself with others. A person with diseased kidneys must learn to see and accept people as they are. Fewer expectations – less feeling of injustice.

Kidney cleansing

The process of cleansing the kidneys has great importance in Ayurveda. To do this you should use vegetable tonics in combination with changes in the diet and lifestyle. Pain says about toxins accumulated in the blood that must be removed. It is better to do this in the warm season – the kidneys do not like the cold. The process must be approached very carefully because of the excessive use of diuretics, on the contrary, will weaken the kidneys, dried them. Keep a balance and focus on individual consultations of an Ayurvedic doctor.

Such plants are used to cleanse the kidneys since ancient times:

  • coriander
  • parsley
  • lemongrass
  • horsetail
  • corn silk
  • flax seeds

Treatment Tips:

  • The most common advice about drinking plenty of water has its own nuances. If you start to drink too much water, it can easily wash out useful substances from the blood plasma. It is worth thinking not only about the amount of water you drink but also about its quality and even temperature. Chlorinated water is devoid of many essential trace elements, sometimes it is even called “dead.” Ayurveda also calls for saturating the liquid with prana – life force. To do this, it is enough to pour water from a glass into a glass several times. Not indifferently, copper dishes are popular in India – it is believed that it also improves the condition of water and cooked food. The ideal drink will be spring water of room temperature. Carbonated, especially cold or iced drinks can greatly impair the kidneys.
  • The next important point for people suffering from diseases of the urinary system is the temperature regime. Both hypothermia and the excessive heat can cause harm. But the most dangerous in such a situation becomes wet cold.
  • Another recommendation that is often found in Ayurvedic healers is fasting. But it is also prescribed only in accordance with the person’s dosha and other personal characteristics. But the rejection of meat and fish will be useful to all. Studies by American doctors have shown that the burden on the kidneys to cleanse the body of “meat eaters” is three times greater than that of vegetarians. This factor should be taken into account in self-medication by ayurvedic methods: from ancient times, India is one of the most extensive vegetarian nations on earth.

Strengthening the kidneys

The next step after cleansing is strengthening the kidneys. What natural means does Ayurveda have for this?

Shilajit is a unique resin that promotes the regeneration of damaged cells of the urogenital system, splits stones, repairs nerves, gives vitality and even rejuvenates. Himalayan resin – Shilajit – sold in pure form, in capsules or tablets.

Perfectly tones the kidneys Gokshura. Enough to eat a teaspoon of powder in the morning every day.

Mixtures and tablets are available:

Manjishta – the powder from this plant perfectly cleanses the blood and helps dissolve kidney stones, improves the functioning of the urinary tract.

All of these products have a natural plant and mineral composition and are also affordable. They can be easily ordered online with delivery from India.

Be healthy!

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