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The miraculous properties of the placenta were not a secret for the ancient Greeks, but for the modern world they were a real discovery. Active research in the field of the placenta is carried out by many European countries. But those who return after a holiday from India, increasingly bring with them as a practical souvenir Placentrex Gel. Let’s try to discover the secret of his popularity!


General information about placental cosmetics

Everything new is a well-forgotten old. The placenta was one of the secrets of the beauty of the great Cleopatra, the Greeks were preparing on its basis medications for many diseases, in some ancient peoples with the placenta associated rituals and omens. The scientific boom of the 20th century has rediscovered this miracle. So in Switzerland Professor Kar found that the substance that is part of the placenta of the sheep rejuvenates the cells. Later his fellow countryman – Professor Denihan – focused on studying the healing properties of the placenta. By the end of the last century, thanks to a Japanese scientist, a placenta extract was obtained, which contributed to the resumption of division of skin cells.

What are the properties of placental cosmetics?

  • improves blood circulation and skin metabolism
  • promotes the introduction of melanin from the deep layers to the upper
  • has anti-inflammatory effect after sunburn
  • retains moisture in skin cells
  • prevents the appearance of age spots

All this leads to impressive results: a fresh complexion, supple skin, slowing of aging.

But why are not our shops and pharmacies abounding with this elixir of youth? The fact is that until recently, scientists were wary of the hormones contained in the placenta. The first drugs gave undesirable side effects in the form of hormonal failure. But now technologies for obtaining active substances from the placenta are dispensed without steroid hormones and therefore the risk of unpleasant consequences is excluded. However, other unique components of the placenta that promote rejuvenating processes that can not be extracted from plants continue to be studied.

The method of obtaining the placenta is also shrouded in many speculations:

  • The placenta is a special organ for metabolism during pregnancy between mother and baby, which exists in all mammals.
  • For the manufacture of cosmetics and medicines use the placenta, which remains after natural births and not abortions, as frightening the “black” pages of the Internet. In the first case, the healing placenta is produced much more.
  • Means based on the human placenta should be accompanied by a note “allogenic”.
  • Animals from which receive the placenta should be kept in special ecologically clean conditions and be provided with organic food.

Purpose, method of application, results

One of the popular and affordable means of placental cosmetics is the gel Placentrex. The product of Indian pharmaceuticals has in its composition 0.1% of the extract of the placenta.


  • Healing of minor injuries
  • Getting rid of wrinkles
  • Fighting inflammation
  • Removing circles under the eyes
  • Nutrition and hydration of the skin
  • Revitalization of complexion
  • Solar protection
  • Normalization of the sebaceous glands

Recommendations for use

It is recommended to apply Placentrex Gel daily to clean skin. Many women say that it is also an excellent base for make-up. Especially suitable for the age category from 35 years.
The results of the gel, which become visible after two weeks of use, are enthusiastically shared by girls and women on the Internet.

Here are the main ones:

  • Tight, firm skin
  • Reducing the depth of wrinkles
  • Restoration of water balance
  • Elimination of oily shine

Personal experience

Perhaps this is one of the first means that appeared in my cosmetic bag after moving to India. It was actively advised for moisturization due to a specific climate. The gel really does an excellent job of irritating from the hot sun, it even cools a little. And only then I was pleasantly surprised at how clear the face oval became, skin became elastic. The gel has a very pleasant aroma and a delicate texture. I combine it with another wonderful remedy – Kumkumadi oil (ссылку на статью): in the morning after washing I put gel, in the evening – oil. I take a tube Placentrex Gel with me on trips, where it repeatedly came to the rescue: saving a sunburnt nose, healing a burn of my friend after traffic accident and even accelerating the growth of a torn nail. Believe me, this is the most desired souvenir from India about which my friends, their mothers and even grandmothers are asking!

Buy Placentrex Gel

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  • Natural placental gel for problem skin have the best effect. Pulls the oval face in just 2 WEEKS! Has...
    Natural placental gel for problem skin have the best effect. Pulls the oval face in just...
    Original price was: 450.00₹.Current price is: 185.00₹.
    Natural placental gel for problem skin have the best effect. Pulls...
    Original price was: 450.00₹.Current price is: 185.00₹.

Magic exists! Be beautiful.

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