Baby wipes / wash / powder

Alcohol-free superior wipes Anytime, Anywhere Cleansing for Your Baby. Quick cleansing with just one wipe.


Weight300 g


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1. Jumbo gentle baby wipes

Indian Lotus helps keep baby’s skin soft and supple.

2. Shishu Anand Baby Wipes 

Keeps baby’s skin hydrated. Helps in gentle cleaning of baby’s skin and diaper area. keeps baby’s skin moisturized
Known to have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties .Helps in reducing skin irritation

3. Gentle baby wipes 

Simple, smart wipes. Infused with the goodness of Aloe Vera and Indian Lotus extracts. Aloe Vera is a revered herb known to be beneficial in wide range of skin problems. It helps in moisturizing and soothing baby’s skin.

4. Himalaya gentle baby wash 

Chickpea is known to nourish and moisturize skin.

5. Himalaya Germ Free Baby Laundry Wash  

Effectively removes germs, tough stains, and odor. Nagarmotha Oil is known to possess antimicrobial properties. 99.9% germ protection* Basis invitro lab studies on indicative organisms.

6. Prickly heat baby powder

Ditch the itch. Himalaya Prickly Heat Baby Powder provides relief from prickly heat and keeps baby fresh, cool, and happy. Vetiver, possessing an astringent property is known to manage excessive sweating and cools and refreshes baby’s skin.

7. Refreshing baby wash 

Has ingredients with cooling, refreshing and antibacterial properties cleanses and refreshes your baby’s skin. Known for its cooling and skin-conditioning properties, Champaca helps keep baby’s skin moisturized and fresh.

8. Extra moisturizing baby wash 

Soothes and moisturizes baby’s skin. Designed to effectively cleanse baby’s skin and make it softer and smoother. Almond Oil is renowned skin softener, which moisturizes baby’s skin.

9. Himalaya Germ Free Liquid Cleanser 

Cleanses. Removes germs, stains, and odor effectively from baby’s feeding accessories and toys. 99.99% germ protection* Basis invitro lab studies on indicative organisms. Orange Peel Oil has antimicrobial properties and helps remove unpleasant odor.

10.  Baby cream 

Loving layer of protection. Cream is specially formulated to protect your little one’s chapped cheeks, ‘crawler’s knee’, tender nose, and rubbed elbows. Country Mallow is renowned for skin conditioning and antioxidant properties.


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