Canvas Stop Monday. Nihujanedelnik God

The painting ‘Stop Monday. Nihujanedelnik God” is the title of a painting depicting the god Ganesha – the Hindu god of wisdom, beginning and well-being. The painting evokes vivid emotions and makes you think about your beliefs and philosophy of life.

This 60×80 framed canvas is made of high quality acrylic, which provides bright and saturated colours. Lacquered, it is protected from the elements and will retain its beauty and brightness for a long time. It is an ideal choice for those who appreciate high quality and aesthetic appeal in art.


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Dimensions80 × 60 cm

The painting depicts Ganesha in a bright colour scheme, with an elephant’s head and several hands that hold various objects. His body is decorated with many patterns and symbols that symbolise different aspects of the Hindu religion. Ganesha sits on a floral ornament surrounded by various elements and symbols that recall his divine essence and wisdom.

The overall mood of the painting “Stop Monday. Nihujanedelnik God” can be interpreted as a call for an end to the anxiety and fuss that often accompany the beginning of a working week. The image of Ganesha, which is a symbol of well-being, can serve as a reminder of the importance of maintaining spiritual balance and finding harmony in life.


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