Copper Bottle Engraved with Yogeshwaraya Chant

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Plus, this copper water bottle has  Yoga Yogeshwaraya chant engraved on it along with a Trishul, to add to the positive vibrations. Go on, experience the benefits of drinking water from copper water bottle.


Weight450 g

Isha Life


Volume / Объём

950 ml, 450 ml


As per ancient wisdom of traditional systems of medicine, water stored in copper water is known to detoxify your system as water absorbs beneficial properties from copper. This purified water is known to balance your three doshas – vata, pitta and kapha, making this copper bottle a must-have for your overall good health.

Product Details

  • Capacity of 950/450 ml; perfect for personal use
  • Engraved  Yoga Yogeshwaraya chant and Trishul
  • Leak-proof cap with Isha Seal embossed on it
  • Copper-infused water can cleanse your system of toxins
  • Combination of water and copper is known to be anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory