Dried Goji Berries

Dried fruits are a healthy snack, a source of vitamins and minerals, an indispensable ingredient in many oriental dishes.

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The Gojiberry is also called wolfberry or Tibetan goji it often comes in dried goji berry form. This berry native is from China as which in bright reddish and orange colour. Gojiberry are taken in the belief of long life and it also has much medicinal benefits. These goji berry are mainly found in Asian regions like China, Tibet and many parts of Europe.

Dried goji berries are nutrient-dense dried fruit which contains vitamin C & A, fiber, iron, Zinc & etc. Daily 100gms of Dried Goji berry provides 10% of your regular day to day life protein needs. Goji berry has a natural sweetness and slightly sour with very little of herbs aftertaste. Dried Goji Berries is a powerful antioxidant dried fruit.

Instructions for use:

  • Dried Goji Berry can be eaten raw and cooked, the easiest way to use dried goji berry as same as dried raisins.
  • It can be used as toppings for baked cookies, cup cakes and chocolate.
  • Dried Goji berry can be used both savoury and sweet recipes.
  • Dried goji berry can be used to make healthy smoothies and also it can be added in any flavour trail mix.


  • 100% Goji Berries


  • helps to maintain healthy blood pressure
  • helps to reduces cholesterol
  • helps to maintain healthy liver functions
  • strengthens your muscles and bones
  • improves memory and recall ability
  • improves fertility
  • improves disease resistance
  • enhance sexual functions
  • improves eye vision
  • helps in the treatment of menopausal symptoms


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