Hand Block Print Skirt / long pleat dress

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A-line skirt with contemporary styling mixes with traditional patterns and prints done using Jaipuri hand blocks.


Weight450 g


Isha Life


Design 1, Design 2, Design 3


1. Hand Block Print Skirt

  • Fabric: 100% Cotton with Jaipur Hand Block Print
  • The hand block prints of Jaipur have a long-standing history that goes back about 300 years when they adorned the Mughal Emperors and the South-East Asian palaces.
  • The exquisite fabric is a combined effort of the kharodis who carve the block, the rangrez who is responsible for dying the fabric, the chhipa or block printer and the dhobi, the washer.
  • This art form is passed on from generation to generation and some of the families today are sixth-generation block printers.

2. Hand Block Print Long Dress With Sleeve

3. Hand Block Print Box Pleat Dress