Handlloom Bhujodi Saree Style 11

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The district of Kutch boasts a weaving history that spans centuries. Among the many weaving clusters present here, it is safe to say that Bhujodi is the centerpoint of Kutch’s textile industry.


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If you were to out to chart the history of Bhujodi’s sartorial landscape, you might get lost in the journey itself – this is a village that seemingly defies time.

So widespread is the appeal of its handcrafted cloth that the village has now grown to become synonymous with what is popularly known as “Kutch weaving”. In fact, the exalted “Kutch Shawl” has even been granted the Geographical Identification (GI) tag. Today, many design greats – from Chinar Farooqi for her home decor line to Anita Dongre in her collection titled “Earth Song” – are trying to revitalize the art.

Nearly 200 expert craftspeople are harbored in Bhujodi alone, which is commendable, considering the dwindling weaver count in the nation. These vankars (weavers) are believed to have been the descendants of the Meghwal (Marwada) clan who migrated from Rajasthan to Bhujodi centuries ago.