Handmade Natural Pancha Bhuta Incense, 50 Sticks

The fragrance of incense sticks is an important part of every pooja room or space.


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Weight250 g


This is a set of 5 incense pack,by 10 pc . These incenses are handcrafted by village artisans, which are dedicated to the Five elements of Jala (Water), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Bhoomi (Earth) and Aakash (Space).

  • Each pack contains 10 high-quality incense sticks:
  • Water symbolizes fluidity, creativity and the ability to empathize
  • Air symbolizes freedom, lightness, and curiosity
  • Fire symbolizes inspiration, intuition, and passion
  • Earth symbolizes patience, thoughtfulness, and stability
  • Space symbolizes limitlessness, knowledge, and freedom

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