Healthy Breakfast Combo

A combination of nutritious and easy-to-make breakfast choices ranging from traditional dosas with idli podi, a coffee alternative, nutrient-filled cookies, and an all-natural preservative-free health drink, topped with some raw Himalayan honey. It’s the definitive 100% natural and healthy breakfast for your family.

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Package includes:

  • Ragi Dosa Mix – 500 gm x 1 unit
  • Adai Mix  – 500 gm x 1 unit
  • Idly Podi – 100 gm x 1 unit
  • Sukku Coffee – 75 gm x 1 unit
  • Pure Multifloral Honey – 500 gm x 1 unit
  • Instant Sanjeevini Multigrain Health Drink – 500 gm x 1 unit
  • Ragi Cookies – 100 gm x 1 unit
  • Multigrain Cookies – 100 gm x 1 unit

Ragi Dosa Mix:
A lesser-known millet, ragi (finger millet or nachani) is one of the most nutritious additions you can make in your lifestyle. As per traditional systems of medicine, ragi helps in managing blood glucose levels and cholesterol. It is also packed with antioxidants and collagen, having an anti-aging effect on your skin.
Isha Life’s dosa mix lets you whip up savoury South Indian dosas with the goodness of ragi, urad dal (black gram) and rice. You can make 20 crispy dosas with this natural mix.

Adai Mix:
What better way to start your day than to indulge in the traditional and nutritious flavours of Tamil Nadu? Adai dosa is a special dosa made using mixed lentils and rice.
Isha Life’s Adai Dosa Mix combines the goodness of urad dal (black gram) and toor dal (yellow pigeon pea) along with other lentils, traditional spices and rice to create an authentic flavour. A powerhouse of proteins, essential minerals and high fibre content, this mix is a must-have. This single pack can make around 20 delicious dosas!

Idly Podi:
An authentic recipe of South India, Idly Podi also known as ‘gunpowder’ is known to elevate the taste of any dish you add it to – be it neer dosa, idlis, paniyaram or rice. Made of nutritious lentils and spices that impart it the deep colour, Isha Life’s Idly Podi is not only beneficial for your health but is also rich in taste.
All you have to do is add a little ghee or gingelly oil to it and relish its spicy and aromatic flavours.

Sukku Coffee:
A coffee that is not a coffee? Yes! Sukku Banam is a delicious and healthy alternative to your daily coffee and tea intake. Switch to a caffeine-free experience and feel the rejuvenating effect of its all-natural ingredients.
Made from ginger, pepper, coriander and cardamom, a cuppa Isha Life’s Sukku Banam every day can better your digestion, reduce cholesterol, increase immunity, improve blood circulation, detoxify and lower levels of blood sugar and blood pressure (yes, it is brewing with so many health benefits!).

Pure Multifloral Honey:
Relish the taste and enjoy the health benefits of our multifloral honey, which is a source of antioxidants and is known to have antibiotic properties. A delicious natural sweetener, Isha Life’s pure multifloral honey can help you cut off empty calories from sugar-laden recipes, without cutting down on your energy levels.
Perfect to nourish your immunity and to invite a radiating glow.

Instant Sanjeevini Multigrain Health Drink:
We know how the focus on wholesome meals gets skipped in your daily hustle. And, how the need for immunity nourishing foods is higher than ever before. Which is why we’ve put together a traditional recipe – Instant Sanjeevini for you!
Our top selling, multi-grain drink, Sanjeevini blends Ayurveda prescribed ingredients with the quick health fix you have been looking for. A powerful instant mix, it is thoughtfully made with 9 types of traditional Indian superfoods like millets, lentils, grains and nuts. Trust us, Sanjeevini works like a complete meal in itself and can be made in just 30 seconds!
What’s more, you will not only like what we have added in it but also what we have NOT added in it – no preservatives, no chemical additives and no artificial flavours.

Ragi Cookies:
Traditionally a part of the diet in Southern India, ragi (finger millet) is known for its therapeutic and nutritious advantages for our body. Ragi is an excellent source of natural calcium and a great source of iron, protein, thiamin (B1) and fibre. It is also known to have energy-boosting qualities and may help maintain blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol.
As you take a bite into its rich taste, you feel nourished, naturally. With a base in ragi, our cookies offer a storehouse of health benefits, promoting healthy digestion and overall well-being.
What’s more, they do not contain harmful ingredients that are generally found in similar cookies in the market. No maida, no synthetic ingredients, no artificial flavours and absolutely no preservatives!
Make a healthy choice for yourself and for your whole family with our all-natural Ragi cookies.

Multigrain Cookies:
Experience the vitality that comes from what nature has to offer. Traditional Indian millets like ragi, bajra, kangni, kodra, sama rice blended with lentils, Indian spices and whole wheat flour make these cookies a complete snack that nourishes your body. High in protein, vitamins, essential minerals and fibre, these 100% natural cookies make a great choice.
What’s more, you will not only like what we have added in it but also what we have NOT added in it – no maida, no synthetic ingredients, no artificial flavours and absolutely no preservatives.

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