Himalaya Soap

Cleanses and purifies skin
Himalaya’s Hands and face soap, Aactaril and ayurvedic soaps.


Weight250 g


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1. Neem & Turmeric Soap

Neem is an excellent skin care ingredient. Neem Oil known to relieve dry skin and soothe the skin.

2. Cucumber & Coconut Soap

Coconut Oil acts as an effective moisturizer for all skin types including dry skin.

3. Honey & Cream Soap

Honey is very beneficial to the skin as it attracts water to maintain moisture as well as providing nourishment.

4. Aactaril Soap

Medicated cleansing soap for bacterial and fungal skin infections
Soaps play an important role in the treatment of skin infections. Aactaril is a medicated soap, designed for the effective management of common, superficial bacterial and fungal infections of the skin

5. Himalaya Ayurveda Sandal Glow Soap

Chandanadi Ropana Taila is a traditional Ayurvedic oil containing Pure Sandalwood, prescribed in millennia-old Ayurveda text for its skin care and healing properties.

6. Pure Hands® Tulsi Soap

Tulsi is well known for its soothing, detoxifying, and antimicrobial properties.

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