Jain Gokshuradi Guggulu

Ayurvedic medicines, dietary supplements. Pills. Has anti-inflammatory effect on the genitourinary system, enhances kidney function, cleanses the urogenital tract, contribute to the removal of sand and stones from the kidney.

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Gokshuradi Guggul Ayurvedic medication used to treat all sorts of diseases of the genitourinary system, the weakening of the kidney, disorders of the gall bladder, skin diseases, as well as overweight.

The drug has a diuretic effect, facilitates urination, allows you to quickly cope with a variety of urinary tract infections, facilitates the disease, removing the feeling of burning, itching and inflammation of the urinary organs.
Gokshuradi soothes irritation to mucous membranes, has anti-inflammatory effect on the genitourinary system, enhances kidney function, cleanses the urogenital tract, contribute to the removal of sand and stones from the kidney.

In addition, Gokshuradi beneficial effect on the entire reproductive system, enhances the production of semen in men, has a strengthening effect on the female body in the postpartum period.

Gokshuradi has balancing effect on all three doshas: restores the normal functioning of the kidneys, weakened Vata dosha imbalance, soothes inflammation in sledstvierasstroystv Pete’s type prevents edemas and process of stone formation in the kidneys as a result of excess Kapha in organizme.Gokshuradi also successfully used in the imbalance vata and pitta doshas pertaining to the health of joints and muscles. The product facilitates metabolic processes, removes toxins and excess ama from the body, making it a useful additional means during dieting and obesity.

Guggul resin obtained from the balsam tree, is widely used to create Ayurvedic medicines. As part of the preparation Gokshuradi guggul, combines and enhances the quality of all components facilitates their absorption. Resin has powerful cleaning properties, normalizes the function of the kidneys, removes the stones and sand from the kidneys, removes toxins, lowers cholesterol, helps with skin inflammation, hormonal and menstrual cycle in women.

Instructions for use:

  • 1-2 tablets twice a day before eating, drinking warm water. the daily dose can be doubled in a severe form of disease.
  • Gokshuradi Guggul – 100% herbal preparation, no side effects and does not harm the stomach lining. However, it is not recommended to take the drug without first consulting with your doctor during pregnancy and lactation, as well as for acute forms of gastritis and gastric ulcer.

Attention! The information provided should not be regarded as a substitute for professional medical devices. Please refrain from the use of this information for self-diagnosis or treatment without further consultation with the attending physician.


  • Tribulus terrestris (gokshura)
  • ochischennayasmola tree Commiphora Mukul (Guggul)
  • ginger
  • black pepper
  • long pepper pippali
  • haritaki
  • Terminalia Bellirica
  • amla
  • nut grass
  • ghee


  • rasstroystva urinary tract, painful and difficult urination, urinary retention;
  • Burning, itching, inflammation and infection of the urethra;
  • Inflammation of the bladder and kidney, kidney stones and bladder;
  • Dysuria, urinary retention;
  • kidney disease, hematuria, albuminuria, inflammation of the bladder;
  • Spermatorrhea, prostate adenoma, inflammation of the prostate gland;
  • Urethritis, vaginitis, disorders of the seminal vesicles, testicles and their appendages, gonorrhea;
  • Amenorrhea, infertility, postpartum hormonal disorders;
  • Erectile dysfunction, impotence, low sperm quality;
  • Gout, arthritis, muscle aches, backache in the lumbar spine.


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