Kailash Teerth (Water from Mount Kailash)

Sacred water from Mount Kailash in a copper flask


Weight1200 g


This water is collected from the South Face of Mt. Kailash, which is associated with Sage Agastya, the greatest exponent of Kriya Yoga that is a powerful path of utilising your energy to reach your ultimate nature. Kailash Teerth water is a unique Isha Offering which, for the first time, brings the experience of Mt. Kailash into your life if you haven’t gone there yourself. It is a wonderful way to bring the experience of this mystical mountain into your life.

Kailash Teerth water is stored in a copper flask which is lined on the inside with silver. And, copper and silver are among the most sensitive metals in terms of retaining energies, known since ages. Ayurveda has long celebrated the anti-bacterial properties of water stored in copper and silver containers. So, this Kailash Teerth will retain its potency for a long time.

Product Details

  • Sacred water sourced from the South Face of Mount Kailash
  • Water stored in a copper vessel is anti-bacterial

Sadhguru Says: “Water has the ability to store memory and energy. The South Face of Kailash is the very home of mysticism. The Kailash Teerth collected from there carries some of these powerful qualities. It can bring about a new sense of vitality and joy to oneself.”

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