Ladies kala cotton shirt style 1/2

Sku: 4b9b6d975775

A contemporary styled women’s shirt made with handspun and handwoven organic Kala cotton fabric that is native to the Kutch region in Gujarat.


Weight350 g

Isha Life


Design 1, Design 2


Kutch is the home of many a craft; a land where weaving traditions thrive to their fullest. On its sun-soaked, fertile terrains grows kala cotton, a treasure that the district prides itself on.

Humble and humane, this indigenous crop is popularly known as the Old World cotton of the nation, and stretches far back in time.

Kala cotton is organic in the truest sense of the word, as it is not grown using any pesticides or fertilizers. The cotton heavily relies on natural light and rainwater to flourish, and is rarely susceptible to diseases, making it ideal for a traditional cotton farming model.