Musical instrument Steel Tongue Drum

Unusual handmade metal drum with a cosmic sound.

Manufacturing: Anahata Drum, India
Gross weight (to calculate shipping): 3 kg

Original price was: 19,850.00₹.Current price is: 9,900.00₹.

Weight3000 g


Anahata Drum is a melodic reed steel drum, also known as a steel tongue Drum, “younger brother” heng drama. This is one of the newest musical instruments, invented about 10 years ago.
The tool is made of steel, processed and adjusted in a special way. As a result, we get a magical, cosmic sound and healing vibrations. By the sound and way of playing this tool is most similar to the hang (Hang drum).

You can play the instrument with your fingers or sticks, which are included. To learn to play, you need a desire, quite a bit of time and a basic sense of rhythm. Someone is already in the first half hour of the game. Also, children, even the smallest, easily learn to play the instrument.

The sound of Anahata Drum is perfectly combined with both acoustic instruments (guitar, drums, wind instruments) and electronic accompaniment. At the same time, Anahata Drum is a completely self-sufficient instrument, since it simultaneously contains rhythmic and melodic components.

Anahata Drums are distinguished by precision tuning and surround sound. All instruments are treated and protected from rust so that the coating does not distort the sound. Engraving can be performed on the instrument as desired. You can choose the desired sound (tone) and pattern.


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