Patanjali Female package for menstruation problems

Ayurvedic medicines, dietary supplements. The package of unique drugs for the combined treatment of hormonal disruption, which result is an expression of menstrual disfunction.

Manufacturer: Divya Patanjali (Patanjali Ayurveda), India
Net weight (net product): 95gr
Gross weight (to calculate shipping): 230gr



Weight230 g

The package of unique drugs for the combined treatment of hormonal disruption, which result is an expression of menstrual dysfunction – manorragiya (excessive blood loss during menstruation) and amenorrhea (absence or insufficient blood during menstruation).


  • hormonal disorders,
  • disruption of ovarian and menstrual cycle,
  • menorrhagia (heavy periods),
  • painful menstruation,
  • amenorrhea,
  • female infertility,
  • uterine fibroids

The package includes the following formulations:

  • 1. Praval Pista Patanjali Ayurveda 10gr (red coral powder, processed in accordance with the recipe)
  • 2. Kaharava Pista Patanjali Ayurveda 10g (amber powder, processed in accordance with the recipe)
  • 3. GiloyaSatPatandzhali Ayurveda 10g (Tinospora Crispa; powder)
  • 4. Mukta Pista Patanjali Ayurveda 4gr (pearl powder, processed in accordance with the recipe)
  • 5. Vasant Kusmakar RasPatandzhali Ayurveda 1g (bhasma gold, silver bhasma, coral bhasma, races sindoor, mochi Pista (pearl powder), purified and processed mica praval bhasma (coral), Loja bhasma (iron), Naga bhasma (lead) Wang bhasma (tin), turmeric juice, sugarcane juice, lotus shatavari juice, broth sandalwood)
    * Bhasma – ash, peeled and processed according to the recipe
  • 6. Stri Rasayana Vati Patanjali Ayurveda 60gr (tablets, white bryony, tespeziya ordinary, ironwood, ashwagandha, tefroziya purple, asparagus, licorice, amla, white sandalwood, cedar, Himalayan, sacred lotus, putranzhiva Roxburgh, bamboo cane, mummy, coral powder kolotropis tall laukh bhasma (iron), the resin of the tree Commiphora Mukul)

reception method (30 days course)

  • 1. Thoroughly mix the first 5 products, divided into 60 flat parts. Take one of the 60 pieces produced every day, twice a day -this 1 hour before lunch and 1 hour before dinner, washed down with honey or warm water (or as recommended by your doctor).
  • 2. Stri Rasayana Vati taken separately, 2 tablets twice a day after meals, washed down with warm milk / water.
    The duration of one course of treatment – 30 days. A more long-term use of drugs is not recommended without prior consultation with the doctor.

Additional recommendations in the period of therapy

  • Refrain from fried, hard, dry, stale food
  • If possible, stick to a vegetarian diet during the course of the preparation
  • Avoid the use of tobacco, alcohol, antibiotics, stimulants of various nature
  • 30 minutes of breathing practice Pranayama daily significantly strengthen the results of the drug

The complex for the treatment of menstrual disturbances consists of 100% natural products, has no side effects. However, some preparations contain processed forms of minerals and metals, and are not recommended for use without prior consultation with the doctor people.



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