The Sadhguru Pack (4 Best Selling Books)

A combination of Sadhguru’s bestsellers.

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Four Bestselling books in one bundle.

Special Collector’s Edition the Sadhguru Pack contains:

  • Don’t Polish Your Ignorance… It May Shine
  • Himalayan Lust
  • Mind is your Business & Body the Greatest Gadget
  • Emotion & Relationships

Book # 1: Don’t Polish Your Ignorance… It May Shine

The persistent questions of seekers fill this book. It’s all here the pain, the confusion, the raging gut-level thirst, all that it means to be human and alive and wanting.

Book # 2 Himalayan Lust

Every year, a group of Isha meditators sets out on a tour of the Himalayas. Accompanying them on this journey is Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev – a spiritual master considered by many to be one of the foremost living sages on the planet. This is a book for those who stayed behind. It is a chance to make a pilgrimage on the page, traveling through the unpredictable but fascinating terrain of the Master’s words.

Book # 3: Mind is Your Business & Body the Greatest Gadget

Body: The book is a glimpse of a possibility to live and function in a way that most human beings would consider superhuman.

Mind: In Mind Is Your Business, Sadhguru explains that only if we make it “our business” to transform this uncoordinated mess into a well-coordinated symphony, will we be able to use the mind, rather than be used by it.

Book # 4: Emotion & Relationships

Sadhguru opens our minds to new perspectives of relationships and emotion in this dual-volume publication.


  • Language: ‎English
  • Country of Origin: India

“The reason we make this trip to Kedar is that this is a place which has witnessed thousands and thousands of yogis, mystics – every kind you can ever think of – for thousands of years. These are people who made no attempt to teach anything to anybody. So their way of making an offering to the world was by leaving their energies, their path, their work, everything, in a certain way in these spaces. This is the craziest cocktail of spirituality anywhere in the world.” – Sadhguru, Himalayan Lust

“If you move into your awareness, you explode into the oneness of existence. If you move into the mind, you move into the discretion of splitting the world into pieces. So these two things are completely different. Ignorant people are always talking about the awareness of the mind. There is no such thing. But for ages ignorance has ruled the planet, and it continues to rule. The major forces on the planet have always been of ignorance, not of awareness.” – Sadhguru, Don’t Polish Your Ignorance… It May Shine

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