Vitamine E Almond Oil (Paraben,SLES Free), 220 ml

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Sweet almond oil with Vitamin E adds a youthful radiance to your skin, while nurturing its inner balance.


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Isha Life

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200 ml


Ayurveda prescribes almond oil for its precious benefits to your skin and hair.

And, this sweet almond oil transports us to a warm, Abhyanga treatment that is rejuvenating and balances our system.

Loaded with Vitamin E, our almond oil works towards improving your skin’s suppleness.

Gentle strokes with our oil for a full body massage at the end of a long day can work wonders in calming your system, and making you feel more centred.

Give in to its goodness.

What’s in it?

Almond oil and Vitamin E oil Why Isha Life’s Vitamin E Almond Oil?

Aromatic and refreshing, naturally – Keeps skin feeling supple for long – Free from harmful parabens and SLES