White Tea weighty

Unique tea, worthy of emperors and kings, gives cheerfulness, good mood, take care of the health and youth of your body. Has a soft, refined taste.
Manufacturing: India
Net weight (net product): 1000g
Gross weight (to calculate shipping): 1200g

36,960.00 Rs 13,200.00 Rs

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The most elite and expensive kind of tea previously available only for the royal family of the Chinese emperor. It is a drink based on the kidneys and a pair of the youngest tea leaves of tea bushes growing in the highlands. Raw material is collected manually in the first two hours after dawn and only for a few spring and autumn days. Kidneys and leaves are subjected to minimal processing, which allows them to retain useful properties:

  • essential oils, thanks to which the drink perfectly refreshes and quenches thirst
  • fight with free radicals, rejuvenation of body tissues
  • skin improvement
  • activation of metabolic processes, which promotes accelerated burning of fat
  • withdrawal of toxins
  • struggle with tartar and caries
  • prevention of cancer
  • delicate taste and aroma due to a small amount of caffeine
  • natural antidepressant


100% natural tea

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Weight1200 g


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