Wooden resonator for singing bowls

A necessary element for playing on singing bowls in order to achieve relaxation, improve meditation, and treat with sound vibrations.
The resonator for the singing bowl is made of wood.

Manufacturer: India

Gross weight (weight for calculation of delivery): 200 gr


Weight400 g

A wooden resonator is most often used to extract high tones.

There are various types of resonators for singing bowls, which is of considerable importance in the extraction of musical sounds. A wooden resonator is most often used to extract high tones. Stick-resonators can be made from various types of wood. A teak resonator is ideal for small bowls that can only be triggered by this wooden resonator.

For wooden resonators, the degree of sound produced depends on the type of wood the resonator is made of. Nepalese sticks are mainly made from hardwood. Such a stick is considered more naughty and in an inexperienced hand can slip out of the palm of your hand, hit the bowl, forcing it to make rattling and screeching sounds. It is better to use it for more experienced and advanced masters of the game on the singing bowl. For beginners, a stick resonator made of softer wood, which is taken not from the core of the tree, but from the upper, softer species, is better suited.


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