3D printer WOL3D Ender 3 Model 2022

The WOL3D Ender 3 Model 2022 is the original DIY 3D printer with print resume function and easy assembly. It has an impressive print size of 220X220X250 mm, which allows you to create large and complex models. This printer is perfect for those who want to start their journey into the world of 3D printing.

Original price was: 21,000.00₹.Current price is: 17,600.00₹.

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Weight8000 g

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6800 g

WOL3D Ender 3 Model 2022 is a high-quality DIY 3D printer with amazing capabilities. You can use it to bring your creative ideas to life and create amazing 3D models. The printer has a resume printing feature that allows you to continue printing from the same place after an interruption or power failure. The assembly of the printer is easy and intuitive, making it accessible to beginners and experienced users alike. It features a sturdy frame, a stable platform, and a precision extruder for high-quality printing. Whether you’re creating prototypes, decorative objects, or functional parts, the WOL3D Ender 3 Model 2022 will help you realize your vision.


  • Print size: 220X220X250mm
  • Resume printing function
  • Easy assembly and adjustment
  • Sturdy frame for stability
  • Precision extruder for high quality printing
  • Suitable for various printing materials
  • Compatible with various simulation software
  • USB or SD card connection


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