Payment of goods and services

Payment of goods and services

Payment for Indian goods and services is only available by bank transfer. We will issue an invoice by email.

Payment Methods

Available payment methods and links to our online store. We offer our customers a wide range of payment methods:

Payment, goods from India, Оплата индийских товаров, оплата,


Bank Transfer

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Western Union


Qiwi wallet

Payment, goods from India, Оплата индийских товаров,


How we are working?

Free consultation

Payment of goods and services from India by post on our website comes after approval of the order by any available contact- TEL, EMAIL, VIBER, WHATS APP, SKYPE, TELEGRAMM.


Order calculation

If the order is finalized and approved by the Buyer, you will be sent a bill for payment, which includes the cost of goods, the cost of postal services and the value of our services.

Payment, goods from India, Оплата индийских товаров, оплата, рупия, RS, MRP, Indian rupee


Prices for all goods and services in India established in Indian rupees. Payment amount can be automatically converted into any currency in agreement with the Buyer.

упаковка товаров

Order execution

Upon receipt of payment from the buyer will be sent a notification and confirmation of the reception of the order for execution.


Sending a parcel

Sending orders (parcels) is usually made within 2-4 working days from the moment of agreement with the Buyer. In some cases, the deadline for sending goods from India by mail may be changed.

Track your order

After sending the order, the Buyer is provided with the tracking number of the parcel for self-tracking the shipment online.

How is the cost of the order calculated?

The cost of goods is

10.000 Rupees

Weight - 4kg

The total value of the product itself, for example, 10,000 rupees and its weight is 4kg.


2.950 Rupees

Вес - 4кг

you can always check this information yourself at by entering the weight of the shipment and the destination

GoaBay service for 4kg

800 Rupees

As indicated on the website, we charge for packing and shipping services At a rate of Rs. 2,000 per 10kg of shipment in multiples of 1kg - in this case 4kg.

Thus, the total amount of your order will be:


13 750 Rupees

Questions & Answers

You can place your order on our website through the shopping cart. After registration, our Manager will answer you by e-mail and issue an invoice. The option of electronic payment on the website is not available at the moment.

To use the service “MAIL FORWARDING“, provide us with links to the products you are interested in in third – party online stores in India, and our managers as soon as possible will process your request and provide order calculation.

It depends on how long the payment goes to our account, as soon as it arrives, the order is accepted for execution.

The buyer should take into account the terms of delivery of the Goods from the Buyer to the Contractor, the processing time of return/exchange in the warehouse of the Contractor (up to 5 working days) and the delivery time from the Contractor to the supplier

The use of the service “MAIL FORWARDING” is only possible with full payment to the service GoaBay.
Yes, this is possible. You are required to provide contact details and a key person at the supplier, the exact full name of the product, brand, quantity. If an invoice is received from the supplier, it must also be provided.

Yes, you can exchange the goods without cash settlement for the same or similar in value goods.
See clause 8 of the public offer


When using the services of “MAIL FORWARDING,” we offer you a free address where you can order the product from Indian Internet shops. Our reward for services for receiving, checking and sending you will be only 10% of the cost of your purchase in online store.

Our remuneration for receiving, checking and sending the goods will be only 10% of the value of your purchase in a third-party online store.

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