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All products in our catalog are available and are waiting for their happy owner)))

You can place your order on our website by writing to us in the mail [email protected]

The cost of the service on packing and delivery to the Purchaser of goods from India mail is 2,000 Rs. In some cases, the cost of the service can be changed.

You can edit or cancel the order by writing to [email protected]

The status of the order you can check with our Manager for any of the available contacts. You also get a track code to track the parcel.

The use of the service “MAIL FORWARDING” is only possible with full payment to the service GoaBay.
Yes, this is possible. You are required to provide contact details and a key person at the supplier, the exact full name of the product, brand, quantity. If an invoice is received from the supplier, it must also be provided.

Yes, this is possible. Please inform our Manager in advance.

Payment questions

How is the order value calculated?

The total cost of the goods -

10 000 rupees

Weight 4 kg

The total cost of the goods, for example, 10 000 rupees and its weight 4 kg. calculation of the order will be as follows:

delivery in KZ 4 kg

2 950 rupees

his information you can always specify yourself on the website by entering the weight of the departure and destination

Service Goobay for 4 kg

800 rupees

as indicated on the website, we charge for the service at the rate of 2 000 rupees for 10 kg of departure multiple of 1 kg – in your case 4 kg

Thus, the total amount of your order will be

10 000+2 950+800=

13 750 rupees

Thus, the total amount of your order will be

10 000+2 950+800


13 750 rupees

The answer to this question is described in detail on the Payment page

You can place your order on our website through the shopping cart. After registration, our Manager will answer you by e-mail and issue an invoice. The option of electronic payment on the website is not available at the moment.

To use the service “MAIL FORWARDING“, provide us with links to the products you are interested in in third – party online stores in India, and our managers as soon as possible will process your request and provide order calculation.

It depends on how long the payment goes to our account, as soon as it arrives, the order is accepted for execution. The buyer should take into account the terms of delivery of the Goods from the Buyer to the Contractor, the processing time of return/exchange in the warehouse of the Contractor (up to 5 working days) and the delivery time from the Contractor to the supplier.
Использование услуги «Склад в Индии» возможно только с полной оплатой в сервис GoaBay. Да, это возможно. От Вас требуются контактные данные и ключевое лицо на предприятии- поставщике, точное полное наименование товара, марка, количество. В случае, если от поставщика получен счет, то его также требуется предоставить.
Yes, you can exchange the goods without cash settlement for the same or similar in value goods.

Cash refunded within 5 banking days

Delivery Questions

Request the exact shipping cost to a specific point.
You can always ask the operator one of any available Contacts.

You can track the parcel on any tracking site. In order for the information on the movement of the shipment to appear in the tracking systems, it should take 7 – 14 days.

Usually, this happens earlier-wait for the shipment data to be updated in the tracking systems.
The full history of the movement of your parcel you can track by clicking on the link here:

Read more about the return and exchange of goods in the public offer
You can track the parcel on any tracking site.

Delivery of goods is carried out around the world!

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