Chyawan Yogue

Chyawan Yogue is a holistic, highly aromatic, advanced, immune-boosting Chyawanprash. A synergistic blend of fresh whole amla fruit, natural zinc, with the added benefits of flax and sunflower seeds, Munakka raisins, infused with pure hand-pressed cow’s ghee.



Weight950 g
Net Weight

900 g


Herbs sourced from organic sources and carefully processed make Chyawan Yogue the best wellness formula for you.

Use Chyawan Yogue daily to increase your resistance to infections and improve your overall health.

Rich in vitamin C, a powerful immune-boosting antioxidant
Satisfies the body’s daily requirement for zinc (Yashad), providing protection against disease and recurring seasonal infections
Strengthens resistance to colds, coughs, lethargy and stress-related problems
Daily rejuvenator, provides a full spectrum of immune-boosting nutrients
Vegetarian, 32 pure herbs, gluten/soy free, no added colors or flavors


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