Gangotri Incense Rama Krishna

Unique aromatic sticks from the cult perfumer from the Mapsa RamaKrishna made from natural materials by hand.

Manufacturing: RamakrishnaIncense, India
Gross weight (to calculate shipping): 60 g
Net weight (package weight): 20 g

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Weight60 g
Net Weight

20 g




The divine essence of Rama Krishna’s Gangotri Incense, a fragrant blend that goes beyond ordinary scents to elevate your spiritual experience. Created with meticulous care and reverence, this incense carries the essence of purity and tranquility, evoking a sense of serenity wherever it burns.

Gangotri incense is made using only the finest natural ingredients derived from sacred herbs, resins and essential oils to ensure a rich and authentic aroma. Gangotri is a harmonious fusion of floral, woody and earthy notes that uplift the spirits and create a serene atmosphere.

Named after the sacred Gangotri Glacier in the Himalayas, this incense invokes the purity and sanctity of the revered Ganges River, known for its purifying properties in Hindu mythology.

Perfect for meditation, yoga, prayer or simply to create a peaceful atmosphere at home, office or sacred spaces.


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