Handmade Natural Air Fragrance Cone, 20 Pcs

This pack of natural incense cones are dedicated to the element Vayu or Air, which symbolises freedom, lightness, and curiosity.



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Weight150 g


In Ayurveda and yoga practice, the five elements (Pancha Bhoota) are known to have great influence over your health and well-being.

  • Created with all natural ingredients, pack of 20 handcrafted cones comes with a holder to keep the cones stable.
  • When lit, the aromatic cones fill up the ambience with an elevating fragrance.
  • You can use these incense cones in your pooja room or during sadhana.

Product Details

  • Handcrafted aromatic cones are made from natural ingredients
  • Includes a holder to keep the cones stable
  • A fragrance dedicated to one of the five elements, Vayu or Air

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