Nasal Dressing without Drawstring – 400400

High quality sterile nasal dressing for surgery.

Manufacturing: Merocel, India
Gross weight (to calculate shipping): 300 g

Original price was: 9,900.00₹.Current price is: 7,808.00₹.

Weight300 g

The Medtronic Merocel Standard Nasal Dressing process uses purified air to form the pores of the sponge material, instead of pore-forming chemical additives. Pore-forming chemical additives, such as starch/sulfate combinations, cannot be removed completely from the finished product. These pore formers are contaminants for many applications. The Merocel PVA sponge material has 100% open pores in a structure with no dead-end pockets that hold residues. This contributes to very effective purification, resulting in low extractable residues.

The Merocel PVA is gamma-radiated to destroy mold spores and other microorganisms that cause contamination in the final product. The Merocel nasal dressing is highly absorbent up to 21 times its weight in fluid. The biocompatible dressing is high in purity and features excellent wet state elasticity. The dressing is resistant to many chemicals and is durable and long-lasting. This X-ray detectable dressing is used to control pore size ranges from 0.0001 mm – 0.2 mm. The 100% fiber free nasal dressing is soft and compressible for easy insertion.


  •  Drug delivery
  •  Tissue and growth storage medium
  •  Skin transport and storage medium
  •  Diagnostics
  •  OB/GYN
  •  Wound care, dressings, and bandages
  •  Hemostatic control
  •  Bacterial static control
  •  Veterinarian care
  •  Dental applications
  •  Home healthcare


  • These dressings are available in the size of 4.5 cm
  • They come in a standard packing of 20 units per pack


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