Natural dyed T shirt Kundalini/Pancha Bhuta/Prana

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Organic cotton T shirts with prints for Yoga slyle from India. Dyed using pigments made from natural substances.


Weight300 g

Isha Life


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Kundalini, Pancha Bhuta or Prana (all by same price)


Fabric: Natural Dyed

Natural dyes are dyes derived from plants, invertebrates, or minerals. The majority of natural dyes are vegetable dyes from plant sources like roots, berries, bark, leaves, and wood and other biological.

The essential process of dyeing requires soaking the material containing the dye in water, adding the textile to be dyed to the resulting solution and bringing the solution to a simmer for an extended period, often measured in days or even weeks, stirring occasionally until the color has evenly transferred to the textiles.

Before the industrial era, only natural dyes were used. It was found that for cotton, which is a cellulose fibre, only two dyes were used indigo and madder.