Offwhite Murshidabad/Dindigul/Kasavu block Saree

Offwhite and Pink Block print Murshidabad silk saree, perfect for any casual or festive occasion.


Weight900 g




Dindigul, Kasavu, Murshidabad


These sarees came into existence after in the 18th century Nawab of Murshidabad shifted his capital from Dhaka to Murshidabad. Along with him, he bought weavers who worked on baluchari sarees. When river Bhagirathi flooded all the dwellers shifted to Bishnupur.

This Offwhite  saree is made of silk. Block printing is done in natural color.
This saree can be worn on casual/festive occasions.


Dindigul is famous for its organic cotton sarees that are soft and durable with a fine finish. The local tradition of weaving. Bemberg cotton has been replaced by organic cotton.

The combed organic cotton yarn is plied for the thread work, resulting in a lightweight fabric with beautiful traditional designs and wide contrasting borders Crafted in Tamil Nadu.


The pride of Kerala, the traditional off-white and gold Kasavu saree are famously worn by women of the Malyali community on the occasion of Onam. Kasavu actually refers to the golden zari border on the mundu- saree that is handwoven from 100% unbleached cotton. These sarees feature kara or line designs at the bottom, and sometimes peacock and temple designs on the pallu.

This traditional saree from Kerala is off-white & Coffee Brown in color, it has a check border & stripe Pallu. It can be worn on casual occasions.

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