Phool Natural DIY Incense Making kit – Patachouli

Phool Patchouli DIY Kit is designed for people to experience the sheer joy of handcrafting incense sticks while sitting at their homes and become a part of our exciting journey. The sweet fragrance of patchouli incense releases happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin in the forebrain, acting as natural stress relievers that bring joy and help drive away negative feelings.


Weight300 g





 This pack consists of:

  1. Instruction Manual
  2. Pre-measured Ingredients
  3. Patchouli Fragrance Bottle
  4. Gateway Sheet
  5. Incense Holder
  6. 40 Bamboo Sticks

The descriptive instruction manual in the pack allows you to learn the art in 6 simple steps. To add precision to your craft, this kit is packed with pre-measured natural ingredients. This pack helps you make 40 organic incenses of 10 inches with a burning time of 40-45 minutes each.


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