Sandal Wood

Unique aromatic sticks from the cult perfumer from the Mapsa RamaKrishna made from natural materials by hand.

Manufacturing: RamakrishnaIncense, India
Gross weight (to calculate shipping): 60 g
Net weight (package weight): 20 g


Weight60 g
Net Weight

20 g






The subtle, exquisite, rather tart, misty aroma of sandalwood has been a favourite of the people of India for as long as 4,000 years ago. Sandalwood is considered one of the moon’s aromas, promoting good, clear dreams, intuition and spiritual depth. Its unobtrusive fragrance stimulates creativity, helps to cope with spontaneity and impulsiveness, restores a thinned aura. Sandalwood-based incense is ideal for meditation.

Fresh, subtle, invigorating, oily, woody, erotic. This magical fragrance of sensual notes will contribute to the rapid harmonisation of body and soul, perfectly cleanses the aura and restores energy balance, helps you sleep faster and sleep better, eliminate unnecessary headaches and depression. Smoke Sandalwood incense by Ramakrishna to release accumulated fatigue, improve your mood, sharpen your emotions and enhance your sensuality.

Everyone has at least once in their life come across the spicy and tangy scent of sandalwood! Its wonderful scent is hard to forget and is often used as a base for oriental perfumes (and not only). Sandalwood burning fragrance sticks quickly transport us to the vibrant life of the maharajahs of the East, where it has been used in ancient times for various rituals and the use of sandalwood oil for healing and rejuvenation. Women in India, for example, used to moisturise their hair with sandalwood oil after washing it. This allows them to enjoy not only their healthy and shiny hair, but also the traditional scent that accompanies it in everyday life after such a treatment.

Because of its antiseptic properties, sandalwood incense is often used to fume rooms that need to be disinfected. Due to its antiseptic properties, these incense sticks have found another use! This is why people try to use them for colds and sore throats. In addition to all this, the fragrance of sandalwood also has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, normalizing it by calming the nervous system.

Sandalwood incense has become sought after and indispensable in meditation practices for its ability to increase relaxation as well as improve concentration. This is something many people miss during their spiritual practices. The fragrance of sandalwood helps to open up and cleanse the energy channels while repairing some of the damage to the aura, allowing you to return to a state of mental equilibrium.

The incredibly pleasant fragrance of Sandalwood incense can fill the entire room with a wonderful aroma and create an environment conducive to meditation, yoga, love and life in general. In other words, the soothing and toning aroma of sandalwood will take care of you when you need it most!


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