Sea Breeze Ambience Diffuser Oil Refill

Soft, gentle, yet full of vigor and life, the sea breeze makes you feel so alive! One whiff of this perky fragrance is all you need to brighten-up your day, as this fresh, vivacious note infuses energy into the body, mind and soul. This scent will take you to a bright beautiful day by the sea.

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Weight250 g

Volume / Объём

100 ml

Content: 100 ml.
Beautiful to look at, heavenly to smell! Sometimes the smallest of things make a world of a
difference. Delicately scented reed sticks gently diffusing perfume is the perfect finishing touch
your space needs. Its dainty little decanter lends an air of elegance and beauty to the interiors
while its exquisite fragrance accentuates the ambience with a subtle, lingering scent.
Little Pleasures The morning dew drops sparkle bright in the rays of the sun, colourful butterflies
dance from flower to flower as the soft spring breeze blows gently over fresh blooms, filling the
atmosphere with their sweet fragrance. You stand there soaking it all in, reveling in the little
pleasures of life! Inspired from nature and its goodness, we bring to you an incredible selection of
charming fragrances. Vibrant, fresh and new, this range is sure to captivate your heart and make you
How to Use:
Avoid Heat or flame. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Avoid direct contact with food products.

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