Industry of modern India

The 1990s is a period of reforms and a time of increased attention to private business in India’s industry. To a large extent, the authorities achieved economic growth in this segment by abandoning excessive state custody. The export rate allows not to lower the annual growth rate of the economy below 6%. 2000s – this […]

Modern India

India, which we know it now, was formed in 1947 after the official liberation from the status of the British colony. The path to independence was long and hard. The division of the country into India and Pakistan on a religious basis was the basic condition of the British. The disputed territory of Kashmir is […]


The debates about the effectiveness and even the right of existence of Homeopathy began with the introduction of the name of Homeopathy by Samuel Hahnemann at the end of 1807. Although the source for this innovation German scientist got from the works of Hippocrate, homeopaths say that 400 BC. is an approximate date of the […]