Medical Tourism

Rest is an absolute health benefit! And if the amendment of well-being becomes a vital necessity? Did you know that India can offer not only the hot beaches of Goa, the magnificent palaces of Rajasthan and the incredible Taj Mahal, but also dozens of licensed medical institutions to get rid of all kinds of ailments? […]

Magical Placentrex Gel

The miraculous properties of the placenta were not a secret for the ancient Greeks, but for the modern world they were a real discovery. Active research in the field of the placenta is carried out by many European countries. But those who return after a holiday from India, increasingly bring with them as a practical […]


What is Yoga? Fashion hobby or deep philosophy? Yoga is inextricably linked with India and has been known to people for thousands years. The course on a healthy lifestyle in the modern world inspires more and more men and women to practice and study this ancient art. Sit comfortably in the lotus position, and let’s […]


The debates about the effectiveness and even the right of existence of Homeopathy began with the introduction of the name of Homeopathy by Samuel Hahnemann at the end of 1807. Although the source for this innovation German scientist got from the works of Hippocrate, homeopaths say that 400 BC. is an approximate date of the […]

Chyawanprash – a unique supplement

Our body often suffers in the winter due to lack of elements that support all the necessary functions of the body, including the immune system to the proper level. Unfortunately, the selection of the plant components of a healthy diet is reduced, and the need to take additional vitamins and minerals than the more natural, […]