Kidney disease

Unfortunately, doctors have noted an increase in the number of patients suffering from these or other kidney diseases in recent years. However, many people do not realize their illness for a long time, until a sharp pain does not indicate the problem. The trend is typical for the whole world – every tenth inhabitant of […]

Ghee: treasure of Ayurveda

For many of us melted butter is not an exotic, but a completely everyday product. It can often be found in the kitchen of caring housewives. But do you know about the very special oil ghee? Since ancient times for the people of India it is not only the main ingredient of national dishes, but […]

Viva, carnival!

The tourist season 2018-2019 in Goa enters the home stretch: in mid-April it will be too hot, and in May the rains will begin. But by the end of February the waters of the Arabian Sea are finally warming up, and at the same time the prices for tours are falling – a great incentive […]

Medical Tourism

Rest is an absolute health benefit! And if the amendment of well-being becomes a vital necessity? Did you know that India can offer not only the hot beaches of Goa, the magnificent palaces of Rajasthan and the incredible Taj Mahal, but also dozens of licensed medical institutions to get rid of all kinds of ailments? […]

Ode to Goa

Dream of paradise beaches and find yourself on the wide sandy palm of the wayward Arabian Sea. Wish to plunge into Bollywood passions and wake up in the half-asleep bliss of a fishing village. Imagine a ride on an elephant through the jungle and ride an old scooter on a dusty roadside. Go to India and […]