Devi Gudi Arpanam Set / Consecrated Linga Bhairavi

Kindle your devotion with the Linga Bhairavi Gudi Arpanam Set. A miniature Devi temple to invoke her strong yet compassionate energies in your life.


Weight1100 g

Penetrating eyes, a compassionate expression, and an enormous presence that envelops the devotee’s life. Linga Bhairavi Gudi is a nurturing embrace of the Mother Goddess.

This Devi Gudi Arpanam Set comes with the Linga Bhairavi Gudi, a gold-tone hammered brass plate specially designed to place the Gudi, a big tin of Devi Kumkum, and the Linga Bhairavi Stuti which allows one to chant all the 33 names of Devi.

Consecrated Linga Bhairavi Gudi

The Linga Bhairavi Gudi is a miniature temple designed by Sadhguru, allowing devotees to behold and connect with the Devi. When one brings a Gudi home, it is an opportunity to make devotion your very quality, bringing a different level of intelligence into your life. It allows devotees to behold and connect with Linga Bhairavi, whose main abode is at the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains in Coimbatore. Crafted from copper, the Gudi is embellished with intricately etched designs, within which Devi is enshrined. It doesn’t require any particular offering or ritual – one is free to express their bhakti or devotion to the Devi as they wish.

Devi Offering Plate / Gudi Plate

This exquisite square gold-toned hammered brass plate is specially designed to hold the Devi Gudi.

Devi Kumkum (Big)

Linga Bhairavi kumkum in rich vermillion red color can be used to make oneself more receptive to Devi’s Grace. Devi Kumkum is made thoughtfully with all-natural ingredients like turmeric and lime, making it safe for your skin.

Linga Bhairavi Stuti (English)

Linga Bhairavi Stuti is a consecrated mantra that describes the 33 qualities of the Devi in English.
When chanted with a certain reverence, it is a way of becoming open to her Grace.
This Stuti comes printed on a beautifully designed paper pamphlet.

“Devotion is a different form of intelligence. What you cannot perceive through the intellect, you can perceive through devotion.” —Sadhguru

Product Details

This combo includes:

Consecrated Linga Bhairavi Gudi – 1 unit

Devi Offering Plate / Gudi Plate – 1 unit

Devi Kumkum (Big) – 1 unit

Linga Bhairavi Stuti (English) – 1 unit

Consecrated Linga Bhairavi Gudi:

– Consecrated form of Linga Bhairavi.
– Designed thoughtfully to be kept in a space of any size.
– Easy maintenance.

How big is it? (In inches)

L: 3.11
W: 3.11
H: 3.26

Weight: 1 kg

How to care for it?

Read the Linga Bhairavi Gudi guidelines to know how to care for Devi.

Devi Offering Plate / Gudi Plate

  • Hammered brass plate for pooja or offering.
  • Made of high-quality brass.
  • Functional and aesthetic.

How big is it? (In inches): L – 7.5, W – 7.5

Devi Kumkum (Big)

  •  All-natural ingredients; skin-friendly
  •  Known to gather and retain energy
  •  Rich vermilion red color
  •  Packed in an attractive tin box

Linga Bhairavi Stuti (English)

It is a consecrated mantra that describes the 33 qualities of the Devi.

Dimensions in inches: L – 1.25, H – 4.75

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