VLCC Shape Up Waist & Tummy Trim Gel

Anti-cellulite means For all skin types. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, strengthens connective tissues, making the skin more firm and toned.

Manufacturer: VLCC Natural Sciences

Net weight (net product): 100 g

Gross weight (to calculate shipping): 150 g

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Weight150 g

VLCC Natural Sciences


Lemon, Pepper, Rosemary


Modern lifestyle, lack of sufficient exercise, poor diet all this and much more is often the cause of loss of form and leads to the accumulation of excess fat in the waist area and abdomen.

Corrective Gel Shape Up VLCC will help you deal with this problem as soon as possible! Thanks to the unique formula of the product obtained as a result of years of research, the gel activates splitting and output of fat, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, strengthens connective tissues, making the skin more firm and toned.

The results of independent studies have shown that a significant strengthening of the muscles of the abdomen and waist line correction occurs within 3 weeks of regular use of the gel, and the effect of weight loss (reduction in waist size up to 6 cm) can be seen in 4-6 weeks of regular use of the product. The gel may primenyatsyadlya correcting the waist and abdomen in women and men.


Instructions for use:

  • Apply the required amount of gel on the clean skin of the body at the waist.
  • Massage the problem areas in a circular motion for 5 minutes in the direction from the center to the sides of the waist, gently pressing his fingertips.
  • Apply the gel to the abdomen repeatedly.
  • Perform abdominal massage for 5 minutes, moving from the lower abdomen toward the navel. Use the gel twice a day to obtain a sustainable result.
  • It is recommended to use twice a day after showering. For a more pronounced result of anti-cellulite oil supplement care Slimming Shape Up VLCC.


  • Attention! The gel should not be used during pregnancy or earlier than 2 months after delivery.


  • oil of black pepper,
  • lemon peel oil,
  • cypress,
  • rosemary oil,
  • geranium oil,
  • pomegranate oil,
  • ajwain oil,
  • oak extract of Asia Minor,
  • palmate grass extract,
  • an extract of soy beans,
  • wheat germ extract,
  • spirulina extract


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