Indian Cosmetics

“The art of decorating” is a literal translation from the Greek language of the word “Cosmetics”. Decorate, emphasize what nature has given. And initially only natural components were used for this: plants, oils, products of animal origin. In Ancient India cosmetics were used by men, women, children, and elderly people. Of course all this was done in compliance with the rules of the caste system and religious affiliation. Particular attention was paid to the eyes – the mirror of the soul. Beauties used mascara and antimony as eyeliner. By the way, in our days you can meet young men with a similar make-up and even babies – this is an ancient way to protect against the evil eye, as well as the method of healing eyelids. Residents of India know a lot about the special properties of herbals, bark of trees, minerals and have long used them in the manufacture of cosmetics. Trust in the experience of ancient wisdom and maintain your natural beauty with health benefits! Welcome to our online store featuring leading Indian brands.