Set Of 3 Hammered Canisters With Iron Stand

Store your snacks and condiments in these beautifully designed hammered copper canisters which come with a sturdy iron stand


Weight1500 g


Hammered Canisters, Copper vessels are one of the earliest types of vessels ever made after clay vessels. Due to its antibacterial properties, copper is still widely used to store water and food items. Copperware is a decorative and health-benefiting addition to any kitchen.

This set of three pure copper canisters hammered in a traditional method will surely look attractive in your kitchen or on your buffet table. These canisters immediately add a rustic charm and nostalgic warmth to the environment. The lidded set comes with a sturdy iron stand.

Hammered Canisters Product Details

  •  Made of pure copper
  •  Traditional hammered design
  •  Anti-bacterial properties
  •  Comes with an iron stand

How big is Hammered Canisters? (in inches)


  • Dia – 2.5”
  • H – 4.5”


  • 11.25” x 6.5”

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