Indian home decorations

Eastern style will never go out of fashion. The boom for exotic interiors occurred during the heyday of colonial Britain. European houses and salons were furnished with massive furniture from precious wood with intricate carvings and inlays, copper, brass figurines and silverware with chasing. Nowadays it is not necessary to approach such a scale to this issue – you can buy inexpensive funny little things, sophisticated antique things that convey the spirit of travel. The famous flea markets of Mumbai and Delhi are places of “hunting” for European collectors and a source of inspiration for interior designers from around the world. For example, very nice looking vintage New Year’s toys. By the way, local masters still make them in traditional techniques – from wood and papier-mache.

Noteworthy items of modern art and design of India. Many local talented artists and sculptors have won worldwide fame. Amazing photographs are done by professionals, traveling to different states of the country. Their landscapes and portraits are fascinating and immersed in a colorful atmosphere. They will be a worthy decoration for the walls. Don’t limit yourself to interior decoration. The house can be decorated and outside – hang funny garlands on the facade, arrange small sculptures in the garden.