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Shilajit Gold Dabur

Manufacturing: Dabur, India
Net weight (net product): 10 capsules
Gross weight (to calculate shipping): 50 g

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Dabur Shilajit Gold is an ayurvedic medicine for vigour and vitality formulated using unique combination of medicinal plants like Shilajit, Gold, Kesar and other important herbs like Ashwagandha , Kaunch Beej and Safed Musali. Shilajit Gold is good for general health and helps increase strength, stamina, vigour and vitality as recommended by ayurved in India.

Benefits of some of the ingredients for vigour and vitality:

  • Shilajit: Brings about balanced and harmonious health. It acts as a restorative tonic, helps in recovery of wear and tear of body tissues, helps to improve strength, stamina, vigour & vitality.
  • Gold:  Helps to increase strength, improves vigour and physical endurance.
  • Saffron:  Nutritious & has anti-fatigue property.

Instructions for use:

Take 1-2 capsules 2 times a day


  • Hot Mukuna
  • gokshura
  • ashwagandha
  • shilajit (mumiyo)
  • yellow jasmine
  • tuberous dioscorea
  • pueraria tuberous / vidarakanda
  • salivary medicinal
  • cloves
  • saffron
  • cinnamon camphor ceylon
  • nutmeg
  • yashad bhasma
  • rajata bhasma
  • suvarna bhasma


  • General weakness
  • Decreased energy & vigour
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Weight50 g

Dabur India


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